Who is Revive?

Revive is a local, black-owned, small business founded in 2019 by Leon Kinnard. Revive's mission is to prioritize the mind, body and spirit with natural, alkalizing ingredients. Our cold-pressed juices & holistic herbal supplements are intentionally crafted to put our bodies in a healing state. We provide natural nutrition aimed to be convenient, accessible, and delicious!
Alkaline - Fresh Daily - 100% Natural - No GMOs - No Preservatives - No Added Sugars - No Added Water - Glass Bottles - Local - Minority Owned

What are Alkaline ingredients?
Alkaline ingredients are the most natural fruits and vegetables, which contain high levels of phytonutrients and assist in keeping your body in a healing state.

What is a Juice Cleanse?
A juice cleanse consists of consuming 6 juices per day in place of food. Juicing gives your organs a break from digesting solid foods to promote healing as well as increased energy, improved immunity, and balanced digestive health.

Why Unpasteurized?
Our juice is unpasteurized to guarantee the fresh, natural state of our fruits and vegetables. Pasteurization is the process of heating up ingredients to kill bacteria, which also kills the beneficial nutrients, enzymes, and minerals. Our fresh, unpasteurized juice is free from artificial preservatives and unnatural processes.

What is the sugar content?
Short Answer: There are ZERO added sugars in our juice!

Long Answer:
Our juices have ZERO added sugars. They only consist of fruits with natural sugars, which our bodies need as a source of energy. If you are interested in consuming less fruit content, we recommend our Super Antioxidant juice.

What if I have diabetes?
Short Answer: Try our Super Antioxidant juice!

Long Answer:
We recommend our Super Antioxidant Juice. It contains the lowest fruit content. It also contains Dandelion Greens - an amazing leafy vegetable that grows from underneath the dandelion flower. It's the world's most phytonutrient leafy vegetable. Phytonutrients are the natural chemicals that plants are made of. They keep our bodies working properly and offer complete nutrition all the way down to the intra-cellular level. Overall, this juice is a natural diuretic, which detoxifies our body and has a low Glycemic index.

What if I have high blood pressure?
Short Answer: Try our Clean Blood Herbal Supplement and Super Antioxidant juice!

Long Answer:
The Clean Blood Herbal Supplement combination remove toxins, pathogens, and free radicals from the blood. The oxidative properties of this combination encourage blood flow and allow the body to operate in its natural state. The Super Antioxidant juice contains Dandelion Greens - an amazing leafy vegetable that grows from underneath the dandelion flower. It's the world's most phytonutrient leafy vegetable. Phytonutrients are the natural chemicals that plants are made of. They keep our bodies working properly and offer complete nutrition all the way down to the intra-cellular level. Overall, this juice is a natural diuretic, which detoxifies our body and has a low Glycemic index.

What if I am pregnant?
Short Answer: Try our Healthy Gut, Ultra Glow, and Super Antioxidant juices!
Long Answer: All juices are great for providing minerals and vitamins. Avoid our Immune and Energy juice because it is made with papaya, which contains the enzyme Bromelain. Our other three Revive juices are completely safe!

What would you recommend if someone needed joint support?
Short Answer: A recurring order of our Juice Cleanse and Phyto-Mineral herbal supplements.
Long Answer: Your body naturally tries to turn everything that you eat alkaline. When you eat acidic food, your body will begin to use the calcium in your bones to stabilize its pH level. This calcium depletion weakens the joints, so we recommend reducing your consumption of acidic foods. All of our juices are made with alkalizing ingredients, so we recommend adding to your lifestyle: Healthy Living variety pack, our 1-, 2-, or 3-Day Juice Cleanses, and/or the Phyto-Mineral herbal supplements.

My kids don't like healthy foods - will they drink Revive?
Short Answer: Children love Revive juice - it is delicious and nutritious!
Long Answer: Our juice is a great option for kids! It is a delicious, hassle-free way to provide them with nutrition they normally wouldn't want to consume. There are no added sugars - only natural sugars from the fruits. There is no food coloring or harmful additives either. Tasty nutrition in a glass bottle!

What is Sea Moss?
 Sea moss is a red algae and one of the most powerful superfoods on the planet. The body is made up of 102 minerals, and sea moss contains 92 of those minerals! It is very electric and helps eliminate mucus from the body. This is an ingredient in our Healthy Gut juice!

What is the recommended Serving Size for the juice?
Short Answer: Your choice for your lifestyle!
Long Answer: The FDA recommends an 8oz serving size of juice, but we recommend consuming one 16oz because it can be used as a meal replacement or a post-workout drink. Our Revivers often replace a morning coffee with Immune & Energy juice to start the day. Our team drinks at least 2 bottles every day!

How long is the juice shelf-life?
Our juices have a 7-day refrigerated shelf-life, but they can be frozen indefinitely if you pour a tiny bit out to allow for expansion. Once you open the bottle, consume within 3-4 days. Do not keep juices outside of refrigeration for more than 4 hours.

Glass vs. Plastic
Short Answer: We only use glass bottles, and they are sustainable for numerous reasons!
Long Answer: Glass bottles are free from harmful chemicals that could enter the body. They are 100% recyclable, so they are less harmful to the environment. Lastly, they ensure nutrients are maintained inside the bottle and oxygen is kept outside the bottle!

Where are we located?
Short Answer: Maryland, northern Washington DC, and parts of Pennsylvania!
Long Answer: We operate out of our commercial kitchen in Finksburg, MD and deliver door to door within our delivery zone. You can navigate to our Shop Local page to find stores where our juices are sold and weekly farmers markets we attend. Additionally, we have a juice truck Juicy which brings the juice to you at various pop-up events - follow our social media @revivehealthlife for weekly updates. If you would like us to come to your neighborhood or event, please contact us HERE 

What are Herbal Supplements?
Herbal Supplements are a combination of various plants that support the healing process. See below for a description of each Revive supplement:
Iron Cell Herbal Supplement: Iron is a mineral responsible for oxidizing our blood cells. These hormone-free, alkalizing, plant-based, herbs are a good way of getting oxygen to your blood cells and giving your cells the energy to heal. This combination of herbs is an iron-rich cell energizer. It cleanses, revitalizes, and delivers iron and oxygen-rich blood to the brain, nervous system, and lymphatic system. This also serves as an anti-inflammatory, supports the kidneys, and uses its anti-fungal properties to deliver oxygen to the brain. Ingredients: Valerian, Nettle, Sapo, Hombre grande, Chaparral
Clean Blood Herbal Supplement: This combination of herbs is used to purify the blood, liver, and kidneys. These natural herbs will assist in strengthening the liver and supporting its ability to remove pathogens and toxins from the blood while strengthening the kidneys which are responsible for passing waste and filtering the blood back to our hearts. This combination of herbs binds with toxins, removes pathogens, and breaks up calcification. Tip: The blood is responsible for carrying nutrients throughout our bodies. Non-plant-based diets allow for more pathogens and toxins in our blood which circulate through our body. Ingredients: Yellow dock, burdock root, hydrangea root, elderberry, sarsaparilla.
Healthy Gut Herbal Supplement: The digestive tract is the beginning of good health. By restoring the digestive tract, we are able to restore the balance of the whole body. The digestive tract contains beneficial bacteria that contribute to 80% of the functioning of our immune system. This beneficial bacteria is responsible for protecting our immune system against harmful bacteria and dangerous organisms. This herbal combination is used to cleanse and repair the cells in the digestive system, re-balance the beneficial flora to eliminate fungus associated with several diseases, restore the tone and health of intestines, and stimulate stomach, liver, and pancreas secretions. This will also cleanse heavy metals, kill harmful bacteria, and cleanse and strengthen the digestive tract. Ingredients: Blessed thistle, cascara sagrada, prodijiosa, rhubarb root
Phyto-Minerals Herbal Supplement: This is “green food” for our blood cells. These herbs are rich in chlorophyll, minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. This promotes joint support and serves as an antioxidant and antimicrobial. Ingredients: Nettle, sea moss, nopal, tila, bladderwrack
Calm & Focused Herbal Supplement: This herbal combination is used to calm and support the health of the brain and nerves. These herbs relax the nerves and muscles while addressing ADD, ADHD, headaches, migraines, nerve damage, and inflammation. This also helps fight against anxiety and depression. Ingredients: Tila, Lavender, Blue Vervain, Santa Maria

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